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Reality Gains provides its clients with resources to navigate the cycle of assessing venture capital options and implementing real estate strategy as real estate commitments become more dynamic and complex. Our goal is to consider the interests of our clients and identify how we can assist them attain their construction goals.

A detailed strategy, efficiently and effectively supervised by experts who have the understanding, knowledge, experience, and technological solutions to meet the requirements of construction projects, is preferred for accomplishment. The experienced team at Reality Gains consists of dedicated, enthusiastic people with rational understanding in the construction and growth industry. Reality Gains adjust its role depending on the different requirement with expertise in industrial, manufacturing, residential and other. Your work is handled by our specialized team of department heads, property management experts and strategic alliances.

Why Us?

Our Past Experiences : As per our past experiences with multinational companies, we ensure same quality to our customers what those companies providing, We are among the best service provider here in Trycity in construction field. No one can match our expertise in terms of civil engineering.

Most Valuable as well as Reasonable : Coming to the term valuable means not only giving product value for money but also in terms of end using quality product at reasonable price what a local vendor is providing (Who have no such degrees and experiences).

Differentiate us with others : First just once take a thought that if you are getting an educated, experienced, budgeting & highly professional team who can handle all your expectations on ground, why need to go for those ones who just make your house as other local vendors do.

Planning : This is the key part of our success that whatever we do,that only with detailed planning, Time, labors, materials.Our draft is Planning, Scheduling, assigning, daily Monitoring and lastly delivering.

Quality : What makes us different fromothers is the quality we provide.We never go for shortcuts, underspecs, and do all the quality checks on sites to give you proper strengthen structure.

Use Latest Technology : We use latest technology for our projects. Latest materials, methodology & Techniques.

Monitoring : We supervise each of our projects personally. One Experienced staff daily monitor your site workprogress, material and manpower.

Our Margin : Customers are our margin which we earn from our projects,rest in terms of money we take out margin from 7-8% from our rates and 5% to save the wastages in terms of materials and labour.Everyone in the market will earn their profit,Some go under specs,some do cheatings.We demand our profit once and later only trust we earn.

Commitments : We Deliver products on commitments on time,we assure you to fulfillall your expectations from us.

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